Le Pavillon d'Armide

Ask me stuff   I used to have some language on this page about the fictional sorceress Armida from Tasso’s “Gerusalemme Liberata” and how she kept the warrior Rinaldo prisoner in an enchanted garden, blah blah blah… Every time I read that, it sounded like I was some kind of weirdo who abducts guys and keeps them in his basement chained to the furnace.

So I took that down.

I’m a gay man who likes big men. That pretty much sums it up. Bodybuilders, fitness models, strongman competition guys, football players, the occasional porn star, etc. When I run across a nice picture of a muscular man on the internet (there are a lot out there to choose from!), I use the magic of technology to point, click, and drag it onto my hard drive.

I'm also into little guys. One of my friends calls likes to call them "pocket gays." Under 5 foot 6, but buff. And if they look like they'd be good bottoms? Big plus in my book.

I’m no photographer, so I don’t claim the rights to any of these photos. In fact, if a copyright notice or photo credit appears in the frame, I make it a point to keep the image intact.

If you object to my sharing your photo, I hope you’ll accept my apologies. Just write me a quick note and I’ll pull it.

And while you’re at it, please accept my apologies for the creepy-sounding Armida crap I posted earlier. I had a lot of coffee that morning.

This has been a frequent fantasy of mine.

This has been a frequent fantasy of mine.

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